How to play

The Goal

You need to defend the core from waves of invading enemies. The enemies get stronger over time, so you need to upgrade your base to hold them off!

Move your ship with the mouse on PC or with the joystick on mobile. Control your acceleration by pointing closer to the middle.

Use abilities by left-clicking on PC or pressing the big orange button on mobile.

Press 'P' to pause the game and 'F' to display the FPS.

Your ship

The name of your current ship is displayed at the top. You can pick a new ship by moving over its hologram.

Collect red and pink heart powerups to replenish health.

The blue bar is basic health. It regenerates over time.

The white bar is bonus health. You can stockpile lots of it, but it doesn't regenerate!


Upgrade for your base with money from yellow diamond powerups. Move your ship over an upgrade to purchase it.

Hero Level: Improves your ship and all of your abilities.

Minion Level: Improves the allied ships and the mercenaries.

Structure Level: Improves the towers and the core.

Weapons -> Income Conversion: Increases the money you passively generate, but slightly reduces the damage done by your whole team!


Collect orange gear powerups to unlock special abilities.

Your progress towards your next ability is displayed by the orange circle. Extra gears you collect are displayed as a thin line around the circle.

You can also buy the Shield Capacitors ability. Each charge you hold will massively reduce the damage you take and deal damage over a large area when used.

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